Team Selection

  • You must pick 10 football clubs to score points for you throughout the season.
  • These ten clubs must consist of 7 English teams (from the Premier League, Championship, League One, League Two, and/or National League) and 3 from elsewhere in Europe (from the top divisions in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Scotland).
  • For the purposes of this competition, Welsh clubs playing in English leagues (i.e. Cardiff City, Newport County and Swansea City) count as English clubs.
  • The total value of your ten clubs must not exceed £900m.
  • There are no restrictions on how many teams you can pick from each division and you are not required to pick from every division.
  • You must also choose one of your English teams to score double points.


For all qualifying domestic league and cup matches (see below), points are scored as follows:

  • 3 points for a win
  • 1 point for a draw
  • 1 point for each goal scored (excluding penalty shoot-outs)
  • Teams are not penalised for the goals they concede. A team scores the same number of points (6) for winning 3-1 as for winning 3-0.
  • If a game is abandoned and not replayed, or is forfeited, the score will be as determined by the relevant governing body.
  • Any points deductions imposed by league governing bodies will not apply to Super10.
Example 1 Roma 1 - Fiorentina 0 Roma score 4 points (3 for the win and 1 for the goal) and Fiorentina score none
Example 2 Liverpool 3 - Arsenal 2 Liverpool score 6 points (3 for the win and 3 for the goals they scored) and Arsenal score 2 points
Example 3 Charlton Athletic 2 - Derby County 2 Each team scores 3 points (1 for the draw and 2 for the goals scored)
Example 4 Lille 0 - Lyon 0 Each team scores 1 point only (for the draw)

Extra Time & Penalty Shoot-outs

In cup matches where extra time is played, it is the score after extra time (AET) that is used to determine the Super10 points for both teams. Goals scored in penalty shoot-outs do not score points. However, if a penalty shoot-out is contested, the outcome will determine the winner of the match for Super10 purposes (the match will not be considered a draw).

Example 5 Carlisle United 2 - Plymouth Argyle 1 (AET, 1-1 FT) Carlisle score 5 points (3 for the win, 2 for the goals) and Plymouth 1 point
Example 6 Hertha Berlin 2 - Werder Bremen 2 (AET, Hertha win 4-3 on penalties) Hertha score 5 points (3 for the win and 2 for the goals) while Werder Bremen score 2 points

Two-Legged Cup Ties

In general, each leg of a two-legged cup tie, such as those in the Copa del Rey, is treated as an independent match and Super10 points are awarded accordingly. Penalty shoot-outs only affect the outcome in the case of both legs being drawn, in which case the second leg is awarded to the winner of the shoot-out. A team that loses the second leg but wins the shoot-out after drawing on aggregate is still considered to have lost the second leg.

Which Results Count?

All domestic league matches played by a team after the registration deadline count towards its Super10 score. This includes any end-of-season promotion or relegation play-off matches. Points are also scored for all matches played in the team's primary domestic cup competition.

Matches played in European competitions (i.e. the UEFA Champions League and Europa League) do not count. Neither do secondary national cup competitions (such as the English and French league cups), the FA Community Shield and its equivalent in other countries, or pre-season friendlies.

For the avoidance of doubt, only results from the following competitions count towards Super10 scores:

England: FA Premier League, Football League Championship, Football League One, Football League Two, National League, FA Cup (excluding qualifying and preliminary rounds)
France: Ligue 1, Coupe de France
Germany: Bundesliga 1, DFB Pokal
Italy: Serie A, Coppa Italia
Scotland: Scottish Premiership, Scottish Cup
Spain: Primera Division, Copa del Rey

In some competitions in some seasons, one or more matches may be played at the beginning of June. Since this is unlikely to be more than one or two matches for Super10 purposes (in 2013/14 there were none and in 2014/15 there was one), these matches will be included in the May monthly contest and will count towards any Super10 Cup round contested in May.

Transfer Windows

  • This season there are two transfer windows.
  • The first transfer window opens on 1st November and closes on 30th November.
  • The second transfer window opens on 1st February and closes on 29th February.
  • You may make a total of up to 7 transfers in the season, with no more than 5 in any one transfer window, so long as you do not exceed your budget.
  • In either transfer window you may also change which of your English teams is designated to score double points.
  • The budget you have to spend on new teams consists of any previously unspent portion of the original £900m plus the sum of the transfer values of the teams that you discard.
  • The transfer values of all teams will be determined by their league positions on the day before the transfer window opens.
  • When you sell a team you will sell it for its current transfer value and not necessarily the price you paid for it.
  • Regardless of when in the transfer window you make your changes, they will not take effect until the day after the transfer window closes. Your original selections will continue to score points until then.

The Super10 Cup

The Super10 Cup provides an additional chance for you to win prizes while playing Super10. It is a straight knock-out competition. In the first round each Super10 entry will be drawn at random against one other Super10 entry. The round lasts for a month and whichever entry scores the most points in that month proceeds to the next round (the draw for each subsequent round is also random); the loser is eliminated. This continues each month until there are just two entries remaining. These will play-off in the Super10 Cup final in the last month of the season to determine which is the winner and which is the runner-up.


In the event of two entries that have been drawn against each other scoring the same number of points in the month in question, the following rules will be used to determine the winner:

  1. The team with the higher number of points scored by its seven English teams shall be the winner.
  2. If these scores are also equal, the entry that was submitted first will progress (i.e. the entry with the lower sequential ID number).

Competition Format

The format of the Super10 Cup is subject to change depending on the number of entries we receive in a given season. The final format will be confirmed once registration has closed.


  • Cash prizes are awarded to the top players in the overall, monthly, and Super10 Cup competitions. This season all prizes include a matched donation to the charity of the winner's choice (as chosen at registration time from the list of supported charities). For example, if you win a £20 cash prize, your charity will also receive £20.
  • In the event of two or more entries qualifying for a single prize (i.e. there is a tie), that prize shall be divided equally between those players.
  • Entries submitted by members of the Donations With A Difference Board of Trustees are not eligible to win prizes. Any prizes that would otherwise have been won by trustees will be awarded to the next best entry or entries.


  • Players must have already submitted a paid entry to the main Super10 competition to be eligible to create or join mini-leagues.
  • Leagues can be created and players added to them up until 31st August.
  • A single entry may be added to more than one league.
  • An individual may enter multiple entries in a single league.
  • A player may create multiple leagues.
  • Mini-leagues must have a minimum of 5 members; there is no maximum.
  • No prizes are awarded by Donations With A Difference for performances in mini-leagues.