Latest Scores

And the third one
John Sheather
104 77 Crystal Balls
Peter Sarfas
Sparta FC
Stuart Goodson
117 85 52 Years of Hurt
Kevin Harrison
Gordon Sarfas It's too complicated
Peter Sarfas
108 79 Fat Lad From Sheffield
Kevin Stacey
PMG On The Blog
Peter Sarfas
82 66 Bangers n mash
Mandy Luckhurst
Be Sharp Say Nowt
Mark Harbottle
112 103 #2G1S
Nicholas Pryce
Cluck Filled Fatty Puss
Laurence Ward
79 85 Chris Kinnear's Black and White Army
John Sheather
Paco Diaz is Back
Laurence Ward
70 99 Hungry Like The Wolf V3
Sam Brind
Birallee Jets 2
Joshua Barrett
84 81 Tutty Fruitie 1819
Lisa Tutty
Peter Weller
113 87 Fortem FC
Alex Macintyre
Mandy Luckhurst #3
Mandy Luckhurst
73 112 Jason
Sam Weller
Bleeds Leeds
Peter Hensman
65 104 The Pipe Dreams of Instant Prince Whippet
Kevin Stacey
Gusto's Decking
Laurence Ward
87 86 Bumbling Bees
Robert Snook
Lazio Milka de Cow
Rick Awdas
90 101 Liverpool 2019
Sean Barham
Brice’s Bandits
Aaron Brice
89 86 Blushing Bees
Robert Snook
Nicholas Pryce
94 116 Peter
Sam Weller
Nicholas Pryce
97 92 SFC2
Sue Ogden

This season's Super10 Cup is sponsored by Patio Master South East.

Patio Master South East


All rounds of the Super10 Cup are drawn randomly. The winner of a tie is determined by which entry scores the most points in the calendar month. If scores are equal, the winner is the entry with the most points scored by its seven English teams only. If these scores are also level, the entry that was originally registered with this website first proceeds to the next round.