Final Scores

Prestwich St Yermam
Rick Awdas
164 200 All the gaffer's men
John Sheather
Mandy Luckhurst #2
Mandy Luckhurst
137 177 Snitch forever
Sylvia Falconbridge
Emma's Eejits
Emma Filbee
170 176 Bobbys Best Shot
Bob Lewis
Klaus’s Blundering Idiots
Al Morgan
169 155 Rabbalex Town
Robert Alexander
Dream On
Simon Moat
166 169 It's Coming Home
Daniel Piggott
His faves
Toni Gretton
182 172 Sir vere losers again
Chris Harris
Cluck Filled Fatty Puss
Laurence Ward
162 110 Mongo's XI
Brian Falconbridge
Bodo Town
Brian Falconbridge
165 175 Lazio Milka de Cow
Rick Awdas
Fortem Financial FC
Alex Macintyre
147 187 Sparta FC
Stuart Goodson
FC Boomshanka
Carlton Walls
161 168 All Leeds Aren’t We
Peter Hensman
Kara Zor-El
Peter Sarfas
184 203 Fortem FC
Alex Macintyre
Tick Tock FC
Tim Falconbridge
197 200 Gusto's Decking
Laurence Ward
Sue Ogden
Bill Howlett
Down The Boondocks
Mark Harbottle
170 157 Sir Vere de Losers
Chris Harris
Wizard of Ozil
George Hollands
135 178 Ser vere brain de hemerage
Chris Harris
Iain Alexander
140 168 Taste the Rainbow
Enzo Labrosciano
Slick Nick's Chancers
Nick Highton
176 149 Fortem Wanderers
Alex Macintyre
ShanklyGates XI
Chris Mowles
179 150 Dreamytime FC
Carlton Walls
Birallee Jets 3
Joshua Barrett
151 150 YWURRY
Bill Howlett
Sansas army
Adi Bowers
143 147 Juan Nil
Emma Filbee
Peter Weller
162 187 Scouting for Goals
Mike Roberts
Peter Weller
154 150 Wills Warriors
Bob Lewis
Brice’s Boys
Aaron Brice
181 190 Crystal Balls
Peter Sarfas
Dreams Never End
Stuart Goodson
210 167 Armchair Honved
Carlton Walls
Shay Given Not Stirred
Jamie Feaver
170 136 Amalie's ten
Webjorn Bergmann

This season's Super10 Cup is sponsored by Patio Master South East.

Patio Master South East


The following entries qualify automatically for the next round:


All rounds of the Super10 Cup are drawn randomly. The winner of a tie is determined by which entry scores the most points in the calendar month. If scores are equal, the winner is the entry with the most points scored by its seven English teams only. If these scores are also level, the entry that was originally registered with this website first proceeds to the next round.