Final Scores

Chris Kinner's Black and White army
John Sheather
195 184 The Floordrobe Queen
Laurence Ward
and the third one
John Sheather
187 176 Bargain Basement
George Hollands
Stuart Goodson
167 162 DAFC
Darren Mills
Ghost of the Tyne
Mark Harbottle
164 186 Go Team GB!
Lisa Tutty

This season's Super10 Cup is sponsored by Patio Master South East.

Patio Master South East


All rounds of the Super10 Cup are drawn randomly. The winner of a tie is determined by which entry scores the most points in the calendar month. If scores are equal, the winner is the entry with the most points scored by its seven English teams only. If these scores are also level, the entry that was originally registered with this website first proceeds to the next round.