Final Scores

Santers Little Helpers
Gary Santer
209 176 MR Men
Mark Roberts
Sue Ogden
217 214 all the Gaffer's men
John Sheather
Shrimply the Best
Rob Tindall
171 165 MR Man
Mark Roberts
Boofle Athletic
Shaheen Falconbridge
211 172 Sanctimonious Red Cards
Diane Palmquist
Blundering Bees
Robert Snook
220 212 Tutsta's Top Trumps
Lisa Tutty
Regaining the title
253 140 Ariel Blitz
Graham Hunter
Adam Swinton
191 238 Roary's Rovers
Sylvia Falconbridge
Scouting for Goals
Mike Roberts
246 249 #HailNow
Nicholas Pryce
I want to be Heed Army
Mark Harbottle
206 268 WiSi
Typically Scottish
Tim Falconbridge
200 196 I McHunt
Darren Emery
Big Team of Hope and Cheer
Chris Mowles
182 214 Oswald Rovers
Darren Mills
Little Peas
Matthew Beatty
241 171 Grin & Berra it
Anthony Moore
Form is Temporary
Dan Dyer
204 236 another similar one
John Sheather
The Fourbees (Bobs Big Bad Boys)
Bob Lewis
203 219 Shak Attack
Shaheen Falconbridge
Snakob Utd
Matthew Beatty
203 240 He Kane Have a Good Second Season
Peter Tinkler
Goals Goals Goals
Mike Roberts
234 215 final try
John Sheather


All rounds of the Super10 Cup are drawn randomly. The winner of a tie is determined by which entry scores the most points in the calendar month. If scores are equal, the winner is the entry with the most points scored by its seven English teams only. If these scores are also level, the entry that was originally registered with this website first proceeds to the next round.