Final Scores

Cech out my helmet
Peter Tinkler
173 187 Harry & Snitch XI
Sylvia Falconbridge
Kevin Stacey
Dariusz Klimek
Sarah's STARS
Sarah Taylor
169 196 SLS Utd
Lee Parsons
Iron Range Rangers
Samantha Holler
155 193 KSSAA
Shaun Wheeler
Smalltown England
Stuart Goodson
171 152 Miller Brickwork 01
Matthew Miller
Tingles Terrors
Terry Tingey
222 196 Hollywood XI
Luke Johnson
George Hollands
235 175 The Americans Are Coming
Samantha Holler
Bobs Bad Boys
Bob Lewis
173 156 Have a word with yourself!
David G Lewis
Steve Green
151 187 Insert Joe Kinnear
Paul Martin
Jamie Feaver
165 184 Work In Progress
Mark Wood
Black Cats United
Sylvia Falconbridge
134 191 down the boondocks
Mark Harbottle
P4C - Demelza 1
Red Eagle Playing For Charity
159 196 New Eagle
Claire Eaglesham
P4C - Air Ambulance 1
Red Eagle Playing For Charity
180 177 The Javelinas
Webjorn Bergmann
Would You Risk It For A Chocolate Biscuit?
Nick Gretton
164 184 Neweys 444
Peter Newey
The Beatles 1969
Sean Barham
167 241 TRY TO BEAT ME 2
Dariusz Klimek
Stuart Goodson
170 224 Tutsta's Table Toppers
Lisa Tutty
Big Sam...........Has got a hippos head
Peter Tinkler
171 183 Parry1
Michael Parry
Gareth Shaw
183 208 The Talpa Massive
Chris Mowles
Chris Kinnear's Black & White Army
John Sheather
188 163 B
Dave Gardie
The Maulwurf Crew
Chris Mowles
188 191 Oneofthechosen
Stuart Goodson
Canterbury Fleet
Matt Povey
207 167 Reffinghell
Tom Coghill
Raccoon Universe
Al Morgan
220 179 and the third one
John Sheather
The Neville Wears Prada
Matthew Bull
207 170 Patak United
Jack Hitchinson
kings of tomorrow
Mark Harbottle
155 179 ghosts of venice
Mark Harbottle
Dave Gardie
185 170 Manager of the Month
Lee Hearnden
Fox's Paw FC
Shaun Meadows
194 162 John Terry.......Your mums a thief
Peter Tinkler
Typically Scottish
Tim Falconbridge
P4C - Porchlight 1
Red Eagle Playing For Charity
Norfolk inChance
Chris Taylor
George Farley
Does It Really Mata?
Simon Elliott
140 178 Tiddler Villans
Colin Morrall
Jesus H Christ
Gareth Shaw
169 180 Mavericks
Matt Gleeson
Santers Little Helpers
Gary Santer
194 165 Thrown to the Wolves
Tim Falconbridge
Adam Leatherbarrow
152 199 CPA Recruitment (G)
Andrew Liggins


All rounds of the Super10 Cup are drawn randomly. The winner of a tie is determined by which entry scores the most points in the calendar month. If scores are equal, the winner is the entry with the most points scored by its seven English teams only. If these scores are also level, the entry that was originally registered with this website first proceeds to the next round.