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Let Us Host Your Christmas Quiz

Can't go out to a Christmas Party, difficult to have drinks together, needing an alternative plan to have fun with your colleagues, friends or family...?

We are here to solve your problems. One of our trustees has become very adept at producing quizzes during these lockdown times and Simon is willing to facilitate a quiz for your group.


Stephanie's Wheelchair Making the World of Difference

Stephanie has been ill with encephalitis and epilepsy since 2001 and also has functional neurological disorder and spinal issues. Stephanie came to us with a request for a manual wheelchair to ensure she has mobility all of the time as her electric wheelchair is far too heavy to get in and out of cars, needs to be able to get around her home more freely and she requires the flexibility to not be housebound in the colder and wet months of year when it is far safer to use a manual compared with electric wheelchair. 


Rachel's All-Terrain Buggy Gets Her Out and About

Rachel is 10 years old and suffers from a defective gene, Tub 3, that has caused a congenital brain abnormality and continuing associated difficulties. Rachel was born with a club foot and wears AFO's on both feet to enable her to walk short distances. Rachel had a conventional wheelchair but it wasn’t able to cope with any terrain other than a smooth pathway which meant the family were not able to take many days out as a family.


Claire's Much Needed Electric High Raising Chair

Claire’s mum Lyn May contacted us asking for a donation of £500 towards a wheelchair for her daughter Claire. She had been tirelessly fund raising for an electric wheelchair for her daughter Claire, 47. Claire had spent many years in a manual wheelchair due to having both legs amputated above the knees in 2012. Before that she spent many years in excruciating pain with gangrene in both legs after first having her toes removed and the wounds not healing added to which she has a protruding disc in her lower back. Claire had been told that she would not qualify for an electric chair until her shoulders and wrists do not work anymore? Lyn was trying to raise nearly £7,000.


Life Is So Much Easier for James

James is a 15 year young man with a highly complex list of medical conditions and he is severely physically disabled. Together with the Orchards centre supporting James we received an application to purchase a specialist wheelchair top to be put on an electric base that mum can operate to move James and all his medical equipment out and about in the community.


Simply the Best Christmas Present for Lucy Bowen

Donations with a Difference Trustee Ella Brocklebank was delighted to meet the Bowen family following approval of their request for grant-funding in December 2019, resulting in “simply the best Christmas present anyone could have got us!”

Their request was to provide daughter Lucy, who is unable to walk, with a new Delichon Buggy which would offer the freedom to explore the great outdoors that a standard wheelchair simply could not. Lucy was born with a unique and incredibly rare genetic condition, which she was diagnosed with shortly after birth, leaving her severely disabled with complex medical needs including epilepsy. To the Bowens, as an active family who love being outside, this new-found freedom was simply priceless said Lucy’s Mum Samantha:


Summer 2020 Charity Football Competition

Summer 2020 Season Finish - Football Prediction Competition. Football is back, entry closes Friday 19/06 18:00

All funds raised will be split 50/50 between the Donations With A Difference Grant Fund and the prize pot.

Click on this link to our competition entry page to access the entry form and to make your entry payment of £10


SUPER10 2019/2020 Charitable Nominations £575 Declared

We have unfortunately had to bring this competition to an end due to the impacts of Coronavirus in the suspension of sport across Europe and how it makes continuation of this competition now unfair for our players. news/super10-20192020-season-is-ended/


Sensory Specialist Equipment for SeeAbility

SeeAbility is one of the oldest disability charities in the UK and has pioneered specialist support for over 200 years. Their supported living service in Maidstone is known to Donations With A Difference, having previously been awarded grants to the six ladies who live there.

SeeAbility approached us with a request for £382 to purchase specialist sensory equipment they needed for their residents in Maidstone. The introduction of the Roberts Opus Digital Radio would mean they would enjoy quality time using a device that has been created for people with visual impairment and learning difficulties.


William Enjoys His Wheel Chair Swing

We provided William Green-Rose with a wheelchair swing so that he could have the same enjoyment as many fully abled children of his age. William has an undiagnosed condition which has resulted in severe epilepsy and global developmental delay, he has low muscle tone, significant sensory processing difficulties, very limited communication and profound learning disabilities. He is able to walk with adult support and has access to the family garden. His mother had also reported a reduction in William’s emotional wellbeing and happiness and was keen to help him to be happier at home.


SUPER10 2019/2020 Season Is Ended

Football across Europe has been suspended for the last two months. Following the restart of the Bundesliga last weekend we took the decision to review whether we can fairly continue our competition for this season. We have decided that because at this point in time four of the ten divisions have decided to not play any more fixtures and bring their season to a close that it is the right and fair decision to bring Super10 Season 2019/2020 to a close also.


Ella's Chair Improved With Rain Cover

Ella has a diagnosis of four limb cerebral palsy, global developmental delay and has recently undergone bilateral hip reconstruction and hamstring release. Ella does not have any purposeful movement and so she relies completely on her parents to care for her and the use of her chair is invaluable to the family. However when the weather is poor it means the family wouldn't be able to give Ella the fresh air and outside experiences she needs.


Thank You for Our First 5 Years as a Charity

We'd like to say a very big thank you to all of you that have supported us at Donations With A Difference. We have now been a charity for 5 years and we are overwhelmed with the ever increasing support we get from all of you that enables us to help those who need it in our lovely county of Kent.

We have done the sums and are staggered by the generosity.