The Super10 season has now come to a close. This most recent season of our charity fantasy football game has raised £1,200 plus a further £450 will be donated to the nominated charities of our top 10 finishers.

Those of you placed in the top 10 have enabled the following donations in total: SeeAbility £150, Cancer Research UK £170, Pilgrims Hospices £75, DWAD grant fund £35, and Kelly Turner £20.

Our season champion for 2016/17 is John Taylor, with a total score of 2,041 points. John Sheather won this year's DWAD Cup, and came very close to a first double by coming second in the season league table.

In total this competition has generated 63 winners across the season with a lot of localised banter contained within the mini-leagues also as the teams have played from August to May.

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank Mila Maintenance for once again sponsoring Super10 this season, Patio Master South East for sponsoring the DWAD Cup, and all of our monthly sponsors throughout the season.

Well done to everyone, thank you again and we hope to see you back next season, which won't be too long.

Enjoy the summer break.