Holly Gets Her Independence - Thanks to DWAD

10-year-old Holly Filtness from Sheerness was diagnosed at the age of two with cerebral palsy with dystonia, a condition that affects all four limbs. She regularly attends the Orchards Centre in Sittingbourne - a multi-agency specialist hub that help disabled children and their families. Staff at the centre recognised the need for Holly to have an electric chair but unfortunately due to strict NHS criteria she didn’t qualify for one.

Her mum Karen said “Holly starts secondary school in a years time and needs her independence. She would like to be able to go to the park with friends, take herself where she wants to go and not where someone pushes her. We tried all NHS channels but were knocked back.”

Fortunately the staff at the Orchards Centre had heard of DWAD (Donations With a Difference) through another child who visits the centre and helped Karen fill in the simple grant application form and was successful.

Wayne Hodgson, Chairman of DWAD remarked "We're a small local charity and can look at applications on a more holistic basis. Holly's application seemed a very worthy case and we are delighted to be able to help."

RMS, a local manufacturer of mobility aids identified the powered wheelchair with the best fit and suitability for Holly. The chair is their popular Invicta model, built with an aluminium frame and was delivered on the 10th August to a very excited Holly.

Karen added, “Holly will now have the independence she needs. She will be able to join in more things and conserve energy to be able to do more activities at home and school. We’d be lost without the help from DWAD”.