8-year-old Lilly-Ann gets her Tiny Trax chair and a new lease of life

Lilly-Ann Robertson suffers from a very rare genetic illness that affects the MED12 gene - she was the first reported case in the world. Her mother Roxanne said ‘When Lilly-Ann was born we were aware of problems but not the severity. Lilly-Ann is unable to walk, talk or do the things a child of her age should be able to do.”

Last year Roxanne took Lilly-Ann to her physiotherapist, who set up a trial on the Tiny Trax power chair to see how she responded. ‘The freedom to move around by herself was fantastic, the smile on her face said everything and I realised it would help her develop some independence” said her mum. Roxanne knew she had to get Lilly-Ann the chair and started a fund raising page to reach the £6,000 needed to buy the chair.

After 4 months fund raising Roxanne had reached nearly £3,000, but still needed another £3,000. She had read about Donations with a Difference (DWAD) and wrote to them to request a small donation.

DWAD is local charity that raises money and donates to projects that support physical health, mental health, and education projects. It is run by local businessmen who want to make a difference to people’s lives. Chairman of DWAD, Wayne Hodgson said “We were all so taken by Roxanne’s request we decided to donate the remaining £3,085 needed to order the Tiny Trax chair.”

The chair took 3 months to build and arrived last Friday. Lilly-Ann had her first outing to the park at the weekend with her mum and two younger brothers who are happy she is mobile for the first time and can now start to join in the fun.