Finley's Wheelchair Raises Him to New Heights

Donations With A Difference is delighted to present Finley and his mum Kirstii with a brand new, specially designed wheelchair from TinyTrax.

Due to the hard work by all the team at Donations With A Difference, and all our supporters who sponsor us and attend our events, we were in a position to make our largest grant to date and fully fund this £6,000 specially equipped wheelchair.

Finley suffers from a form of muscular dystrophy called Duchenne. The disease, which affects just one in around 3,600 boys, means four-year-old Finley will most likely not live much beyond the age of 25.

Kirstii said: “There’s no cure unfortunately; it’s a progressive illness so Finley’s strength will get less and all his muscles will be affected, including his heart and lungs."

The wheelchair, designed by Simon Halsey, has been carefully designed to enable access under school desks at a very young age. It also has the ability to grow with Finley so that he can continue to gain access to desks and tables as he gets older.