Rachel's All-Terrain Buggy Gets Her Out and About

Rachel is 10 years old and suffers from a defective gene, Tub 3, that has caused a congenital brain abnormality and continuing associated difficulties. Rachel was born with a club foot and wears AFO's on both feet to enable her to walk short distances. Rachel had a conventional wheelchair but it wasn’t able to cope with any terrain other than a smooth pathway which meant the family were not able to take many days out as a family.

Donations with a Difference were delighted to fund an all-terrain buggy which is used all the time giving Rachel much more freedom, including taking the waterproof buggy into the sea near their home in Whitstable. The family has been able to take trips spontaneously rather than having to research access and restrictions. The opportunities for her family and the long-term benefits have been life-changing.