Claire's Much Needed Electric High Raising Chair

Claire’s mum Lyn May contacted us asking for a donation of £500 towards a wheelchair for her daughter Claire. She had been tirelessly fund raising for an electric wheelchair for her daughter Claire, 47. Claire had spent many years in a manual wheelchair due to having both legs amputated above the knees in 2012. Before that she spent many years in excruciating pain with gangrene in both legs after first having her toes removed and the wounds not healing added to which she has a protruding disc in her lower back. Claire had been told that she would not qualify for an electric chair until her shoulders and wrists do not work anymore? Lyn was trying to raise nearly £7,000.

Donations With A Difference were thrilled to step in and agree to help Lyn with her mission by funding the remaining £2,100 needed for Claire’s new electric chair. The life changing difference and independence this has given Claire is outstanding. Although she lives in an adapted bungalow, her old wheelchair wouldn’t allow her to reach the cupboards in her kitchen? Her new chair raises to 6 feet and has enabled Claire to even measure the curtains needed that Lyn is making for her! She can now go to the shops on her own without placing additional pressure on her amazing mum. Lyn retired at the end of last year and her amazing fundraising efforts in less than 6 months humbled us at Donations With A Difference and helping her and Claire was an absolute pleasure.