SUPER10 2019/2020 Season Is Ended

Football across Europe has been suspended for the last two months. Following the restart of the Bundesliga last weekend we took the decision to review whether we can fairly continue our competition for this season. We have decided that because at this point in time four of the ten divisions have decided to not play any more fixtures and bring their season to a close that it is the right and fair decision to bring Super10 Season 2019/2020 to a close also.

It is no longer a fair playing field for all entrants as some will now have clubs that have no more fixtures and the ability to play in a fair and competitive manner is no longer possible.

This means that we are declaring the tables and results as they stood once all countries had suspended sport competitions as final, i.e. 31/03/2020.

Our Overall Season winner for 2019/2020 is therefore Stuart Goodson with Inthe City on 1251pts. And the full league tables can be found here for final positions

The March winner is Bud Buss with 82pts. Together with all other Manager Of The Month (MOTM) winners and runners up and those placing in winning season and cup positions we shall advise to each of them their winnings and arrange also for charitable donations to be passed on. (and a link to article 2 below).

To tidy up loose ends we have decided to redistribute the prize funds allocated to April and May. There were two teams who finished =10th in the overall table so the second placed £5 of both months is awarded to the teams finishing =10th, ensuring they both receive the full £10 value. And the two £20 MOTM amounts are awarded to the losing semi finalists of the Super10 Cup, and because it is not possible to play out the final the total £70 allocated to the finalists winner and runner up are evenly shared by the winning semi-finalists.

This has ensured all of the prize pot is fairly distributed and also ensures all those charities that each of these entrants had nominated can receive the matching amounts.

Thank you also to all our sponsors for this season; notably our season sponsors Red Key Concepts and Cup sponsors Patio Master