Helping With Folkestone Homeless Xmas Dinner Pam Jones with Sheila and Mayoress of Folkestone

We were delighted to be able to help one of our friends of the charity with the Christmas Dinner for Fokestone Homeless.

Pam Jones, recently acknowledged as one of the BBC One Show Christmas Angels, organises and feeds the homeless of Folkestone twice a week out of the Salvation Army Centre on Canterbury Road. This year 50 homeless people and helpers were greeted to a lovely Christmas Dinner on Monday 23rd December. The lady Mayoress of Folkestone joined in to help the Salvation Army team who were welcomed by a lovely dinner setting. They also had many boxes of presents supplied by the Folkestone Grammar School for Girls.

Our contribution this year was to pay £350 towards the dinner. Pam and her team were delighted with the event and could see all had a lovely time.

Merry Christmas to all!