William Gets a LiftVest

Our friends at the Orchards Centre in Sittingbourne submitted a grant application for William Green-Rose, aged 9. William has a diagnosis of global developmental delay, epilepsy, right side weakness, optic nerve hypoplasia and visual impairment but he has gained some mobility over the years. This has meant that he needs lots of physical help to stand and walk, and as he develops further he needs more support which will be offered by the LiftVest we donated today.

William does not have an effective grip so cannot hold a walker or rails so the LiftVest helps with its innovative design, which distributes weight evenly and supportively, and its multiple handles provide for safer lifting, transfers, and re-positioning. The patented lifting technology promotes the comfort, safety and dignity of all mobility limited people like William, while making life easier and safer for his family and care-givers.