Branching Out to Help Tree Tots

Donations With A Difference is pleased to announce a grant of £400 to Tree Tots. The money will be used to buy initial equipment such as pots/pans/spoons, tarpaulin, and books, and will pay for other set up costs.

Tree Tots is a weekly outdoor under-5s group set up by two experienced primary school teachers, Joanna Flaifil and Stephanie McCullough. The group runs every Monday morning from 10am-12pm in the beautiful private woodland and smallholding of Whites Wood Farm. Their aim is to bring people together to provide exciting, outdoor opportunities for children, with a host of physical and emotional health benefits, and a support network and ideas for the adults. Parents/carers and their children are invited to join in with a range of exciting activities such as free, unstructured play, scavenger hunts, making food/insects out of natural objects, reading under trees, and climbing on fallen logs, and share in a snack and story/song time.

The children will benefit from the fresh air, outdoor exercise, and physically challenges as well as opportunities to socialise with other children and to be creative using natural, open-ended resources such as sticks and leaves. It is hoped that they will also increase their independence as they will have the opportunity to lead their own play, problem-solve, be resourceful, self-assess risks, and help to prepare snacks. Parents/carers will benefit from the fresh air and the calming effects of being in the woods. They will also have a chance to get ideas about what they can do with the children (and often, be impressed about just how much their children CAN do). Finally, and perhaps most importantly, they will have chance to socialise with other parents/carers.