Further Support for SeeAbility

Donations With A Difference have been friends of SeeAbility, a charity that helps people with disabilities and sight loss, since the summer of 2014; so when we heard that their Maidstone residents needed more equipment for their kitchen, our Trustees were happy to oblige with a donation of £540.61.

“I have seen the girls grow up and become more independent over the last 4 years” said trustee Will Chan. “They have been in their current house for two years now and they have learnt new skills including cooking for themselves and utilising the kitchen to its maximum potential, and this latest grant further enhances that”.

Rebecca Compton, SeeAbility’s Strategic Partnerships Officer, explains “The plan is to buy a whole range of new equipment to improve the accessibility of the kitchen, including oven shelf guards, lidded jugs and bowls, safe knives, finger guards, talking timers and easy use tin and jar openers.” She goes on to say “This has all been suggested by our Vision Rehabilitation team to help the ladies have more independence when preparing food.”