Super10 2017/18 - All the Winners

After 4,640 matches, the 2017/18 Super10 season has come to an end and it's fair to say that it has been absolutely dominated by one individual. Not only did John Sheather win the overall competition with a massive 2,118 points, the highest score we've ever had, he also had the second best entry of all time with just 14 fewer points, well clear of Sam Brind in third place. Like many, John took advantage of our 3-entries-for-£10 offer. Unlike everybody else, all three of his entries finished in the top 10 with his weakest effort finishing a creditable 8th.

All of the overall top 10 win cash prizes for themselves and for their chosen charities. The winners were as follows:

  1. John Sheather - £100 + £100 for British Heart Foundation
  2. John Sheather - £60 + £60 for Cancer Research UK
  3. Sam Brind - £40 + £40 for Cancer Research UK
  4. Tim Goss - £20 + £20 for Great Ormond Street Hospital
  5. Nicholas Price - £10 + £10 for SeeAbility
  6. Mark Harbottle - £10 + £10 for Kent, Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance
  7. Sylvia Falconbridge - £10 + £10 for Kent, Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance
  8. John Sheather - £10 + £10 for Cancer Research UK
  9. Lisa Tutty - £10 + £10 for Donations With A Difference
  10. Mark Harbottle - £10 + £10 for Pilgrims Hospices

Our DWAD Cup knock-out contest, sponsored by Patio Master South East, can catch out even the highest scorers as it requires consistent scoring every month to avoid elimination. That was no problem for Mr. Sheather and he completed the first ever Super10 league and cup double, and also finished runner-up for good measure to collect both the £50 and £20 prizes.

Our monthly prizes give a chance to those who lack the consistency to challenge for the full ten months. The winners were as follows:

  • August (sponsored by Jesco) - Peter Weller - £50
  • September (sponsored by The ImageWorks) - John Sheather/John Sheather/Dan Dyer* (tie) - £50 (2 x £25) to John
  • October (sponsored by Jenner) - Mike Roberts - £50
  • November (sponsored by Perfect Windows) - Rick Awdas - £50
  • December (sponsored by garden4me) - Sam Brind - £50
  • January (sponsored by an anonymous DWAD supporter) - Mark Harbottle - £50
  • February - Mark Harbottle/Rick Awdas (tie) - £25 each
  • March - John Sheather - £50
  • April - John Sheather - £50
  • May - Dan Dyer* - £50 to runner-up Tim Goss

In addition we awarded 42 x £5 weekly prizes for the highest scorer in each week. The weekly winners were, in order:

Peter Weller, Sam Weller, Bob Lewis, Dariusz Klimek, Sam Brind, Laurence Ward, Tim Goss, Brian Falconbridge, Sam Weller/Peter Weller (tie), Matthew Beatty, Kevin Harrison, Jim Brodie, Simon Gretton* (prize awarded to runner-up Mark Harbottle), Vetle Bergmann, Nick Gretton, Mark Harbottle, Simon Gretton* (prize awarded to runner-up Kieran Epps), John Sheather, Kieran Epps, Sam Brind, Sean Barham/Chris Mowles (tie), Kevin Creswell, Mark Harbottle, Joe Eaton, Nicholas Pryce/Bob Lewis (tie), Sean Barham, Peter Weller, Stuart Goodson, Mark Harbottle, Kieran Epps, Chris Mowles, Mark Harbottle/Sylvia Falconbridge (tie), Tim Falconbridge, Robert Snook, Sylvia Falconbridge, John Sheather, John Sheather, Dave Matcham, Glenn Ingram-Seal, Tim Goss, Kevin Stacey, Mark Harbottle/Diane Plamquist/Webjorn Bergmann (tie).

* DWAD trustees are ineligible to win - prizes were awarded to the next best entry.

We would like to thank everybody who played Super10 this season for helping us to raise money towards the grants that Donations With A Difference awards to improve the lives of people in our local area.

Finally, we must thank our generous sponsors, without whom we would not have been able to fund the cash prizes listed above. Thanks to Mila Maintenance for once again being the main sponsors of Super10. Thanks to Patio Master South East for sponsoring the DWAD Cup contest, and thanks also to all of our monthly sponsors.

P.S. While the domestic football season may be over, the World Cup is just around the corner. There are more chances to win money for charities and yourself in our World Cup Predictor competition.