3-Year-Old Sheppey Boy Gets Vital Mobility Help

Born unconscious and not breathing at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Woolwich three years ago, Vivhaan Pradhan was immediately rushed to Kings College Hospital where his condition slowly stabilised. Two years later, with learning and mobility difficulties, Vivhaan was finally diagnosed with Bilateral Cerebral Palsy.

The Orchards Centre in Sittingbourne, where Vivhaan attends with his mother Prerna, recommended purchasing a special trike as this had helped children in a similar position.

At a cost of £1,200, and without any funding available from the NHS, Prerna approached Donations With A Difference, who helped with the funding. Vivhaan was measured up for the trike by a specialist company, which arrived at the end of March.

Prerna said: “The bike will help Vivhaan’s mobility and will allow him to develop his social skills by interacting with other children on the street.”

DWAD chairman Wayne Hodgson said: "Vivhann is a remarkably happy and determined young boy and we are delighted to be able to provide this bespoke specialist trike to enable him to enjoy additional mobility".