578 Christmas Presents for The Orchard Centre

DWAD recently reached out and made contact with THE GIVING TREE at Bluewater. 

The Giving Tree is back at Bluewater, so while picking up your presents for friends and family in all the great stores, why not grab an extra gift for a child who might not get the Christmas your own loved ones enjoy? You can donate a gift under the Giving Tree at Bluewater from Thursday 9th November right up until Friday 22nd December.

DWAD have supported a number of children at THE ORCHARD CENTRE in Sittingbourne providing a number of pieces of bespoke specialist equipment for children with a range of disabilities. The Orchard Centre is a Multi Agency Specialist Hub centre for disabled children and their families.

We are delighted to announce that we have been able to provide a whopping 578 presents in total, one for each child in the centre's care. The centre will work with the individual therapists to ensure the children all receive a present this Christmas.

The presents were all boxed up in 30 large boxes and collected from The Giving Tree in Bluewater and delivered by our chairman Wayne Hodgson on Tuesday 12th December to The Orchard Centre in Sittingbourne.

Wayne said "I have been lucky to meet a number of the therapists at the centre and many of the children and families that we have helped over the last couple of years. The centre is a fantastic place, full of support, and is a real community and a centre for the families as well as the children who are disabled. I felt compelled to do something for them all this Christmas and feel privileged to have been able to deliver all 578 present to ensure every child at the centre will receive a gift from us this year".